vHUD for Project Cars

Available now: v1.0.8 for Android and v1.2.22 for Windows

Download it now from the respective App stores. New functionality added. Check the changelog for more information.

Online leaderboards

You can now access the online leaderboards with times made on the Time Trial mode here.

vHUD for Project Cars is a companion app that interprets the data that the game sends through the network. It started as a small project for Windows 10, but today it has quite a lot of features, and a brand new Android version as well.

DISPLAYS - Have the information you want on the screen. Keep an eye on your speed, engine rotations, car damage, temperatures, among many other different variables. Extend the Displays by downloading new ones or creating your own (Windows Only).

TIMINGS - Check the timing display and keep an eye on what the competition are doing. What sectors are they faster? Which are they slower?

EXPORT the data - Every time you finish a session the app can save the timings table and every lap of each driver into a CSV file (that can be opened on any number of applications). Soon you will also be able to upload this data directly to any championships you may manage on SimRacingManager.

LEADERBOARS - In conjunction with the website SimRacingManager, you can upload every lap you make in Time Trial and get that number 1 spot on the leaderboards. With advanced filtering capabilities, including car, car class, track, and many other options, is the best way to make sure you are on an even field.

RIVALS - In addition to the Leaderboards, you can also track your rivals. When doing a Time Trial, the app checks what is your fastest lap on the leaderboard for that car and that track, as well as the time of the player that is ahead of you, and sets that time and player as a rival. If you use the Time Trial display you can keep an eye on the name and time to beat.

Please note that not all features are yet available on the Android version. Custom Displays, exporting the data and Personal Lap Times Display are not yet available. More functionality will be added in the coming weeks.

To use this app you need Project Cars with at least Patch 7.0 installed, and UDP active on the settings. I recommend using UDP 1, but depending on your network you might need to increase this number. Try however to keep it below 4 to reduce the lag.

The application is free to download on Windows, while for Android there is a small one time cost. If you wish to help and donate, you might do so through Paypal here (or use the email me@oscarolim.com).

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